Observing Nature From Home

Arroyo High Earth Team has a lot of questions about the plants and animals in their yards and local parks

That’s a wrap on the first semester for Arroyo High’s Earth Team! While the stay at home orders presented challenges, the team was still able to learn a lot and bond over Zoom. The stage is set for a more project-oriented spring semester and the team is excited to get back to work once break is over. Here is a word cloud created by the team as a reflection of their experience in Earth Team this semester. 

This past week, the team went out into their yards and neighborhoods and did some nature journaling. They were able to find a lot of cool plants, and were tasked with asking questions about what they found. Here are some of the highlights from the team’s work: 

12/14 12:16 PM 
57 degrees, sunny 
My backyard 
These are plants in my mom’s garden. They are very green as you can see and the leaves have a little bit of a shine to them. I wonder what fruits or vegetables they produce because I don’t usually spend time back there. Why did my mom plant these plants? When can I eat whatever it produces?

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