Pinole Hosts 4th Annual Native Plant Garden Event

Pinole interns worked alongside volunteers to plant a variety of native plants in the Pinole Native Plant Garden this Fall.

Earth Team Pinole interns hosted the 4th annual native planting event at the Pinole Native Plant Garden in November. The team spent weeks researching plants to add to the garden and prepping a successful event for community volunteers.

With the help of Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed, Earth Team Richmond, and volunteers from Pinole Valley High School, the team planted 35 new native plants in the garden this season. Among the native plants installed were Silver-Bush Lupine, California Honeysuckle, and California Fuchsia. Additionally, interns and volunteers spread California poppy seeds throughout the garden in the hopes that we’ll see the golden flowers bloom in the springtime.

To kickoff the event, interns Nicole Castillo and Vannapa Douangphrachanh led an opening circle. They walked volunteers through the colorful plant guide brochure they designed. All of the new plants that were installed in the garden are highlighted in the brochure. It also gives care instructions and sunlight and water requirements for each plant. Plant care information and the plants were sourced from The Watershed Nursery.

Check out a preview of the brochure below!

Next, intern Terrence Clark-Tecala shared some key points of awareness and safety considerations for the group. This included safety surrounding tool use, COVID-19 precautions, and an overall layout of the garden space. Lastly, interns Victoria Corona and Randy Snook demonstrated how to use the tools and how to properly install the plants to ensure their survival in their new home.

After that everyone got to work!

Special thanks to the Contra Costa County Fish and Wildlife Propagation Fund for funding these efforts to help youth bring more native plants and wildlife to the Pinole Creek Watershed.

Stay tuned for future garden events hosted by Earth Team Pinole!

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