Plant-Demic, Available Now!

Plant-Demic is looking for a superhero like you to help save the planet and protect its beautiful ecosystems from dangerous invasive species. Play Plant-Demic, by Arroyo Earth Team!

You and your team are the last defense standing in the way of an invasive species that threatens the world! From the Arroyo Earth Team, Plant-Demic is a cooperative game of teamwork and strategy. Up to four players will play as the invasive removal team (humans) and will be pitted against one player playing as the invasive species (2-5 players total).

Who are we? We are the Arroyo Earth Team, a group of interns for the Earth Team organization, dedicated to cleaning up the Earth and restoring its natural beauty. We created this game in order to raise awareness about invasive species, which can be very harmful to not only the environment, but the human economy and even human health.

Love ourselves. Love the world.


Play on Tabletopia online with your friends by clicking here (computer currently necessary).

For those who own Tabletop Simulator ($20 on Steam), play Plant-Demic by clicking here (computer necessary).

Play offline at home! Print one copy of the rules, board and pieces. Print 2-3 copies of the cards, depending on how many people you’re playing with. Print 4 copies of the water money per player. You’ll also need a coin.

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