Questions and Observations from an At-Home Nature Journal

Skyline High Earth Team remains curious about nature, even while stuck at home

Skyline High’s Earth Team ended it’s meetings for the fall semester this week. It has been an successful semester for the team, with all meetings happening virtually over Zoom. The team learned a lot about several different topics and bonded with each other in the virtual environment. Everyone is excited to come back after break and keep the work up for the spring semester. Here is a word cloud the team made describing their experience in Earth Team this semester. 

With stay-at-home orders tightening these past few weeks, team members have still been able to find an appreciation for nature from the safety of their own homes and gardens. Here are some of the highlights from the team’s nature journals the team was assigned to write last week: 

It’s December 16, 10:23 am and the weather is Sunny and clear, but surprisingly chilly at 52 degrees. This is a tree that is right outside my bedroom window, and I stare at it and wonder about it all the time. I wonder what species it is and how old it is? I wonder how many animals live in it? I also wonder how tall it is?

By Makayla, Skyline High Earth Team Intern

(We identified this plant as a Jade plant, Crassula ovata)

Picture taken 12/16 at 1:00
Weather: 55 degrees
Location: My backyard (I was not allowed to go anywhere but there. It is a picture of a plant that separated my house and my neighbor’s)
– Why is this plant so bumpy?
– Is it common to see in Oakland?
– Is it common to see outside of Oakland?

Here’s one from October, when we did this assignment previously (featured at the top of the page). 

By Makayla, Skyline High Earth Team Intern

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