Restoration and Community Clean Up at Pinole Valley Library Garden

In partnership with the Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed and the Recovery Conservation District from Contra Costa County, students from both Richmond High School and Pinole Valley High School successfully removed the invasive ivy plants from the creek bank. Students and volunteers also planted every single plant the event had planned for the day and even mapped out a whole new path for the area. Check out some awesome photos from the day 🙂

Here you can see students from Richmond and Pinole Valley learning how to remove the invasive ivy plants, lay down cardboard for the mulching to improve soil quality and suppress weeds, and students starting to remove the super difficult and stuck to the ground ivy.

Students in the picture on the left are reading up on the new plans in Pinole Valley for a whole new Creekside Park to be more welcoming and filled with native plants. In the other two photos students have just laid a path and are beginning to plant the native species to take root. Stay tuned for even more amazing events with our interns this year!

Thanks to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the CSP Community grants, this year students will be completing a variety of clean ups, restoration events, and participating in fun outdoor recreational activities!

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