Restoration and Relaxation: Earth Team Interns Pull Weeds From Oyster Bay’s Monarch Garden, While Basking Under The Warm Sun with the Monarchs!

What a lovely day to restore our beloved Monarch Butterfly Overwintering Garden!

Earth Team Arroyo, Castro Valley, and San Lorenzo spent their early spring morning to pull some weeds from the monarch overwintering garden. Earth Team interns spent some time throughout the school year to help foster and cultivate the garden on numerous work days. From planting to mulching and even dead heading, interns were excited to be at the garden helping out the monarchs as they make their journey. Oyster Bay’s overwintering garden is vital for the population of Monarch Butterflies because it gives them a rest stop to nestle and gain their strength during the winter to make their migratory path. With the population steadily growing, we see the monarchs dancing about in the spring time!

As pictured above, the garden was overgrown weeds invasive weeds and grasses that hinder the growth of the California Native Plants. Interns have spent the event pulling weeds and trimming long branches from current native plants.

Ethan to the left, showcasing his all in one pull of weeds! Very proud of this bundle and satisfying to pull as well!

Special thank you to our lovely hosts from East Bay Regional Parks, Jaclyn Lim, Pam Beitz, and Barbara Garcia for allowing Earth Team to cultivate and maintain the Monarch Garden!

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