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Restoration Work at the Castro Valley Library

Castro Valley and San Lorenzo interns participate in restoration work and a litter clean up

Some Castro Valley and San Lorenzo interns attended an in-person event with the Alameda County Resource Conservation District (ACRCD) at the CV Library on May 8th. Interns participated in restoration work that included: pulling weeds, trimming plants, and clearing the path that trails around the Library.

The teams followed strict COVID-19 protocols and were separated into two groups, in order to keep the group size small and allow for more work space. Our partners with the ACRCD provided fascinating information about native and invasive plants. They also provided the equipment and resources we needed to make it a successful day!

After 3 hours and 10 interns, 1 Earth Team coordinator, and 2 ACRCD project coordinators working together, there was a total of 8 large bags of weeds pulled (roughly 2 yards). Additionally, there was 1 bag of litter cleaned up around the area as well. Below are a few pictures of our interns hard at work!

Interns Keahly (SLZ), Orian (CVHS) and Kaela (CVHS) pulling and digging out weeds

First group of interns after filling up 4 bags of weeds!
Interns from SLZ and CVHS pulling weeds and clearing the trail path

A special thank you to Jennifer and James at ACRCD for helping out with an awesome in-person event and those from Alameda County Public Works who helped properly dispose of our debris! We hope to continue participating in restoration work around the Bay Area. Although this was our last in-person event for Castro Valley interns this year, we plan to be back at it next school year!

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