Revisiting the Antioch Dunes One Year Later

After a year of distanced learning, Antioch interns finally revisit the Antioch Dunes.

Antioch interns revisited the Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge after over a year of being unable to meet in-person. Interns were surprised to see how overgrown with invasive plants the dunes have become, but were happy to see many Antioch Dunes Primrose plants thriving as well. Interns worked with Field Biologist, Louis Terrazas, in removing a variety of invasive grasses and clover plants.

As our school year wraps up students are reflecting on their virtual internship with Earth Team and appreciate the few opportunities we had to meet in-person this Spring. Antioch intern Alexia says, “My favorite Earth Team memory is when we went to the Antioch Dunes because I got to meet everyone in person.  It was nice talking to people again and it was fun. Also,  looking at the water was calming and beautiful.”

Check out these pictures from our workdays at the Antioch Dunes!

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