Richmond High Earth Team Leading the Transformation of Wanlass Park

This winter has been wet, and this Saturday was no exception. Interns from Richmond and Pinole High Schools toughed it out, though, and enjoyed a successful tree planting at Wanlass Park.


Richmond High School’s Earth Team Interns are now experts on tree planting as the Wanlass Park project enters its final months. The Interns are so familiar with the process that they were able to effectively explain the tree planting process to the Pinole Interns that joined them at the park, many of whom had never planted a tree before. IMG_6161.jpg

By the end of the event, the group was able to plant eight trees in wet and muddy conditions. Work focused on native species, including blue oak, california bay laurel, california buckeye, and bigleaf maples. The trees that were planted were starting to leaf out, and in the coming weeks interns should see spring come to life at the park.


Ironically, the sun came out as we were wrapping up. but there were few complaints from the interns. Many smiles and muddy boots left the park as the group continues to transform Wanlass Park into a beautiful forest.

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