Richmond High Earth Team’s Wanlass Park Project Moving Along

Richmond High School’s Earth Team held a successful Tree Planting on the weekend of March 23rd, when a break in the rains gave us some much needed time to plant some trees.

Interns were joined by Kennedy High School Interns and some community members, and together they were able to plant 18 trees.

56624589_383412559177431_2144524703295864832_n (1).jpg

Work has shifted at Wanlass to include the front of the park, near the parking lot. This work is a lot more visible to the public, and many people who were visiting the park for other reasons saw Earth Team working hard to improve the park.

56894413_882061965509616_456446459676459008_n (1).jpg

As the project enters its final months, interns are working hard to make the final plantings count. Many of the trees planted 2 or 3 years ago have grown substantially, and the visible progress of the park makes the work all the more rewarding.

56920196_441838583253967_4932718069135966208_n (1).jpg

Interns planted a variety of species at the park, including Incense Cedar, california bay laurel, bigleaf maple, and blue oak. Interns also named some of the trees they planted, including “Alex” the maple and “Junior” the cedar. They will be back at the park soon to check on their trees and make sure they have everything they need.


The planting was a rousing success, and interns rejoiced in their hard work over some Pizza. Since the project is almost complete, the interns took some time to reflect on their work there over the school year and previous years. Creating a forest out of an abandoned lot is incredibly rewarding work!

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