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Richmond High exploring online education

RHS explores best ways to engage students & community with limited internet connection

Same with all the other schools, Richmond High is exploring the options of learning/teaching online. This school faces more obstacles as some students lack reliable WiFi and personal time for online sessions.

After a few meetings online, RHS team is exploring the options of having interns complete work individually. This allows interns who are having trouble connecting to have a more equitable chance of receiving education.

A heart-warming piece of information worth mentioning is that Estela, an intern from Richmond High has taken initiative to deliver COVID-19 resources around her neighborhood for people lacking internet connection and the understanding of current situations. Image was taken on one of our online meetings.

Circumstances like these not only challenge our resiliency as individuals but also our ability to care for one another. After all, we will need everyone on the same page to get through this harsh condition as a whole community.

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