Richmond High hot on The Carbon Race

This year, Earth Team is taking a new approach to sustainability community outreach: by building interactive, educational exhibits! Richmond High nests in one of the “Spare the Air” campaign youths, in which they are tasked with educating their peer’s on the subjects learned in this internship! Richmond High Earth Team is joining forces with the Robotics Club, where both groups design and co-fabricate a mysterious arcade box on the topics of sustainable transportation modes!

RHS Earth Team came up with the concept of having different modes of transportation on a race track. The greenest method reaches the finish line fastest. Facts about the specific transportation mode pops-up as they rush to the finish line.

On 2/27, RHS had its first fabrication session with Luciano, the robotic’s club advisor. Interns learned to laser cut and successfully made the figurines for the exhibit.

The interns are anticipating to bring their exhibit to the annual YES conference (Youth for Environment & Sustainability) held by Spare the Air Group.

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