Richmond High placed 1st in “Tell your climate story contest” with short documentary

Earth Team has transformational abilities on interns. Students learned to voice their concerns understanding it would create a ripple, in this case, winning first place in a contest.

Richmond High Earth Team has produced a short documentary film talking about how living in a community with high levels of air pollution has affected their lives and how we as Earth Team are standing up for ourselves.

This short film won away first prize of ECO2School’s Tell Your Climate Story Contest, a nationwide contest for students to share their encounter of climate change, and offer hope to the community.

The documentary was peiced together by intern’s sharing a background of Richmond and its long standing history with the automobile industry since the city was incorporated. We mentioned our observation of lack of green space in Richmond and how communities of color are often times disproportionately affected by environmental pollution. The narrative was tied to how interns experienced asthma as a norm in the neighborhood.

Richmond interns in the end, was able to come up with the Carbon Race, a joint project with Museum of Tomorrow to educate their peers on the benefits of sustainable transportation and how it would help with the local air quality.

The documentary not only served to depict a long standing local issue but also the intern’s transformation as individuals from the start of the Earth Team Internship.

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