Richmond High School Interns Lead Wanlass Park Planting

It was a cold Saturday morning at Wanlass Park in San Pablo when Richmond High School's Earth Team Interns had one simple goal; plant 20 trees at the park.

With a lot of help from some community members and Earth Team Interns from Hercules and Kennedy High Schools, they managed to plant all of the trees and have a great time in the process.


The morning began with a demonstration where two interns, Dzalia and Isabel, dug a perfect hole and planted a tree to show the other schools how it is done. These two were also among the most prolific planting groups, managing to get 3 trees in the ground before the event ended. Great work!


Once the attendees knew how to plant trees successfully, they all set out to plant some on their own. With a bit of hard work, every group managed to plant at least one, leaving them feeling satisfied that their work sees a new tree breathe life into the once desolate park.


Overall, the planting was a huge success. The interns met their goals and overcame some tough conditions; rocky soils, steep slopes, and tall grasses. By the end, everyone felt satisfied with a hard day’s work and a bright future for the park.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped us out! We appreciate your hard work and look forward to more successful planting in the future.

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