Richmond High School Meets 3 Mayors!

Richmond Earth Team does community outreach at San Pablo's Tree lighting event.

Earth Team Richmond presented at the City of San Pablo’s Christmas Tree Lighting event on Dec 6, 2019. The event was filled with Chai-flavored hot chocolate, pop-corn, carols and excited interns.

Earth Team engaged the visitors in two ways: An interactive marine debris timeline activity and a transportation-mode survey. In the process of recruiting participants, Earth Team accidentally discovered three of the current and past mayors of San Pablo and Richmond!

The mayors engaged in deep and thoughtful conversations with the interns. Topic included environmental justice, Earth Team’s mission and a public hearing result on the “No Coal in Richmond” Campaign. The daughter of Arturo, San Pablo’s current mayor also learned new things about trash during their visit!

Miguel & Estela with the current Mayor of San Pablo, Arturo Cruz & his daughter.

Amidst the outreach, interns got the chance to visit the Blume House Museum where we learned about the indigenous culture and also the first colonizers of this land.

At the end, we secured almost 100 survey participants! Interns went home with blissful smiles and warm hearts.

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