Richmond Interns at Wildcat Creek

After a month of being on zoom, Richmond Interns are ready to get back in person this coming week. To kick it off, they planted 88 Willow Stakes this past weekend at Wildcat Creek. With the help of Itzel Gomez, a former Earth Team Coordinator, now working as an environmental specialist for the city of San Pablo, students were able to take ownership of their parks and creek as well as help San Pablo with its restoration journey. Richmond Interns understand the importance of planting native species especially in their own community and were able to identify more native plants along the creek with the help of local biologists. After planting these willow stakes, having to wear ear plugs and getting a real workout, Richmond Interns conducted a clean up as well, crossing the creek, collecting close to 100 pieces of litter. Come check out our awesome interns spending their weekend helping out the community!

Thanks to the National Fish and the CSP Community grants, this year students will be completing a variety of clean ups, restoration events, and participating in fun outdoor recreational activities!

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