San Lorenzo Earth Team Clears Invasives in Montclair

Interns teamed up with Friends of the Montclair Railroad Trail

San Lorenzo High Earth Team took a break from restoration work in their community to help out with a restoration day held by Friends of the Montclair Railroad Trail in Oakland. With their knowledge of restoration and invasive removals, the interns were able to clear a large area and leave the trail looking great. 

Ivan from Arroyo pulling down some Ivy with the help of other interns

With some help from Arroyo High’s interns, the team cleared mostly French Broom and Ivy. The Ivy was particularly tough because it was choking some large trees, so interns had to pull the vines down to stop the ivy from choking out the trees. 

The French Broom removal zone

The battle against French Broom in the Oakland Hills is a daunting one, but San Lorenzo Interns were able to clear a large area and remove some large, old plants. Friends of the Montclair Railroad Trail are planning more days in the coming months to keep up the attack against the prolific invasive. 

Tommy from Arroyo assessing the area

With new connections and skills, San Lorenzo Earth Team will bring their knowledge back to their community and work in the spring. This was a beautiful and fun way to end the semester for the team, who will be taking a few weeks off for the holidays. Work begins again in the Spring, though, and San Lorenzo High’s Earth Team will be ready as ever to protect the earth. 

Happy Holidays! 

Special thanks to Lin and Jeff from Friends of the Montclair Railroad Trail for hosting us.

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