San Lorenzo Earth Team Hosts Year-End Seminar

The team spoke to project partners about their accomplishments this year

This past Saturday, Earth Team hosted what could become a new tradition, an End-of-year seminar hosted over Zoom. The team needed a space to reflect on their year of service, and we knew project partners would love to hear about it. 

The seminar was co-hosted with Arroyo High and Castro Valley High’s Earth Teams, who all got to hear about each other’s projects and accomplishments. Each team had roughly 20 minutes to speak, with time for questions after the presentation. 

A screenshot from the webinar

The team highlighted their many achievements, including a successful Social Media campaign, over 1,500 pieces of litter picked up, and restoration completed at multiple sites. They also had time to reflect on the outdoor trips and activities they also got to participate in. 

With a turnout of over 40 people, this presentation was the icing on the cake of the year for San Lorenzo’s Earth Team, who have much to be proud of. Congratulations to the team on a great presentation and a great year! Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar!

You can view the webinar in full at THIS LINK.

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