San Lorenzo Earth Team Is Back to Work Transforming Oyster Bay

San Lorenzo High School’s Earth Team Interns have been hard at work transforming Oyster Bay in to lovely park full of native plants and a full disc-golf course.

In March, interns traveled to the park twice and planted a total of 20 trees at the site.


Interns planted Torrey Pines and Incense Cedars to complement and expand the other planted sites at the park. They also caged the saplings to protect them from curious or hungry animals.


At the site, interns were able to check in on the plants they planted last semester, which have since become established and vigorous after the wet winter we had. We will have to come back in a few years to check in on the trees we have planted at Oyster Bay this month.


Special thanks to Pamela Beitz of East Bay Regional Parks for bringing gear and all of the plants. Pamela gave the students demos on how to properly plant and also provided some context for the future of the park.


Situated near the Bay Trail, the planting site saw a lot of traffic. Interns saw a lot of people ride by, all of whom will certainly appreciate the work they are doing. Keep up the good work, San Lorenzo Earth Team!

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