San Lorenzo High’s Earth Team Fall Semester in Review

The team reflects on what they learned from this virtual semester with Earth Team

San Lorenzo High School’s Earth Team had its last meeting of the semester this week, and it allowed the team to reflect on their year so far. The team has learned a lot and has had a good time bonding with each other in our remote meetings, and they are looking forward to what comes next this spring. 

While not being able to meet in person changed the way the program felt for both the interns and the coordinators, everyone still enjoyed the program and got a lot out of it. Here are some quotes from the team as they reflected on the year so far. 

“I learned about how the world is ‘dealing’ with global warming and how waste affects our earth.”

-Keahly, San Lorenzo High Earth Team Intern

“I learned more about what I’m going to do after high school.” 

-Eddie, San Lorenzo High Earth Team Intern

“I enjoyed meeting new friends and making fun stories, slideshows, and more.”

– Keahly, San Lorenzo High Earth Team Intern

“I enjoyed how everyone in my team is very friendly and nice, they’re easy to work with, and this internship has taught me a lot when it comes to climate change and things like that which I think are important.“

-Chrystal, San Lorenzo High Earth Team Intern

The team also made this word cloud from things words they would use to describe Earth Team. 

What a great semester it has been! We are looking forward to more learning and memories in the spring!

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