San Lorenzo is Designing Interactive Educational Museum Exhibits!

San Lorenzo Earth Team is continuing their partnership with the Museum of Tomorrow to develop interactive virtual museum exhibits.

In March, the San Lorenzo Earth Team continued their collaboration with the Museum of Tomorrow and has begun designing virtual exhibits that could be displayed at the museum in the future. The team spent time developing ideas for the museum and thinking about how they want to communicate information about the issues that they decided mattered most to them. 

One of the team’s exhibit proposals.

Once the team developed their ideas, they presented the concepts to Museum of Tomorrow staff, who were able to give direct and useful feedback for the team. Now, the team will start building the exhibits and developing their professional communication skills. 

Visuals and other inspiration the team will use to create their exhibit.

The exhibits will focus on plastic pollution, the impacts of more frequent natural disasters, and the benefits of healthy forest ecosystems. Each group has a unique concept for their exhibit, but all of the designs are data driven and focus on communicating scientific concepts. 

Once the designs are completed, they will be posted on the internet for the public to view and interact with. Stay tuned for more information about the exhibits and any information about how to access them!

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