Water wisdom

San Lorenzo takes to Social Media to Reduce Water Footprints

SLZ Earthteam is hoping you can join us in pledging to reduce your water use

San Lorenzo High’s Earthteam is launching a social media campaign to reduce household water usage in this time when we are all spending so much time at home. The team decided to maximize their impacts by posting both on Instagram and Facebook. 

The campaign has two main focuses, identifying and reducing water use at home and reducing water footprints by consuming less meat. Both of these strategies can have huge impacts, but together they can really make a change.

While the team acknowledges that this is a stressful time for many, they still think that small changes in how we live our lives every day can make a huge impact and help heal the planet. We can’t do this alone, as industrial, commercial, and agricultural water usage far outnumber residential use, but when people are thinking about how they use resources they can change their relationship to this planet. 

Sign our pledge to reduce your household water usage by taking shorter showers, or reducing your meat consumption, or whatever you feel works for you HERE. Make sure to select our team, “water wisdom.” Keep an eye on Earthteam’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for more tips and information. 

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