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San Lorenzo’s MLK Day Cleanup at Hayward Shoreline

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy of Service

San Lorenzo High Earth Team got together with Arroyo High’s team to clean up litter at Hayward Shoreline Regional Park this MLK Day. The teams were joined by East Bay Parks and Alameda County Clean Water Program staff and were able to find lots of litter throughout the park. 

In honor of Dr. King’s legacy of service, the team wanted to spend their day off from school giving back to their community. The groups teamed up to pick up 602 pieces of litter in a short time, helping keep the park and the bay clean and healthy. 

With their knowledge of the importance of wetlands like Hayward Shoreline for the health of the Bay, interns were determined to clear any litter they could find. They focused on the area at the mouth of the San Lorenzo Creek, which flows within a few blocks of both San Lorenzo and Arroyo High. 

The high concentration of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bags at the mouth of the creek led interns to believe that at least some of the trash was being carried from near their school, where the snacks are a popular choice. This only made them more determined to reduce litter at their school and educate their peers on the impacts of litter on their campus. 

It was a beautiful and productive morning for the team. The team expressed gratitude for the time spent outside, helping their community. What a great way to spend a day off from school! 

Special thanks to East Bay Parks and Alameda County Clean Water Program for their support!

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