Science in Action: Skyline Testing Soil for Pollutant Impacts

Skyline High Earth Team tests soil for the impacts of pollution on soil health.

Skyline High School’s Earth Team interns are continuing work on their student research project, and have made a lot of progress in the past month. The team set out to test the impacts of litter on soil health, and have begun testing soil in high-litter areas in Oakland.

A map of the sites where soil has been tested so far.

Every member of the team is tasked with collecting soil samples in a high litter or a low litter area, and recording metadata about the site they selected. This will result in a varied dataset that includes information about several sites throughout Oakland. 

Testing soil!

A small team of interns who are vaccinated or otherwise more comfortable meeting in person has begun meeting to test soil samples. They are following Earth Team’s COVID-19 protocols and maintaining a safe work environment. This process has been nice for the team as they are able to finally meet in person and utilize their science based skills to further their research. Many of the team members have never met in person, so it has made for a fun an interesting experience! 

Socially distant teamwork.

Nex month, the team will be wrapping up their research and preparing for their presentation at the virtual GLOBE Student Research symposium. Stay tuned for more information and the results of the research! 

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