Skyline Earth Team Completes Three Projects

Skyline Earth Team accomplished many things in May, including a campaign, a game and a research project.

The interns completed three fantastic projects during May. The first was a social media campaign to encourage their community to reduce waste. Skyline Earth Team took home 2nd place in the SEI Energize Schools Earth Day campaign competition, winning $500 to be used for future Earth Team activities! Read more about their campaign process here.

The second project was an educational game. Trash Sorter, which interns began to create in April, was completed and shared online in May. This game aims to teach players how to correctly sort trash using the 3 bin system. Read more about their ideation process here.

The last project completed in May was their GLOBE research project. Skyline interns chose to explore why toxic algae blooms in some water bodies in the Oakland area and not in others. Read more about their research project here. On May 23rd, Skyline interns joined together with interns from Pinole and Antioch Earth Teams to present their research to Earth Team project partners, local scientists and teachers at their high schools. You can watch the full meeting here.

Skyline, Pinole & Antioch interns and guests at the online GLOBE research presentations

In addition to completing these projects, Skyline interns learned their last new professional skill of the 2019-20 year. The interns were joined by Tracy Ostrom to learn about the importance of establishing professional networks and how to conduct informational interviews. The interns then interviewed young professionals and graduate students to learn about college life and various career paths. Interns chose to interview a budding archeologist at Cambridge University in England, an Evolutionary Biology PhD student in Australia, a conservation community outreach professional in Ottawa, Canada or a recently graduated art and design student in Vancouver, Canada. Take a peek into some of their conversations below:

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