Skyline Interns at San Joaquin Miller Restoration Day

Interns from Skyline High school joined Friends of Sausal Creek (FoSC) for Restoration Day at San Joaquin Miller in Oakland, California. Restoration days help maintain the park with planting, trail stewardship, weeding, and trash collection. For this day Interns helped FoSC pull out the invasive species Holly and English Ivy. These invasive species overtook the many of the parks trailheads making it difficult for visitors to stay on trail. The restoration site was located on Sunset train adjacent to Palo Seco Creek. Here the trail has been rerouted by visitors which has caused soil erosion .Interns walked down a quarter mile to the trail and were given instructions from FoSC on how to use the tools to pull out the root of the invasive plants. In totally Earthteam interns pulled out around 30 invasive plants in the area and made a huge change in making the original trail more accessible. With the left over branches of the invasive plants, they blocked rerouted trails made by visitors that could harm the creek and native plants.

Intern Olivia using a weeding tool to pull out invasive Holly
Intern Hector making a pile of branches off trail

Enhancing the ecological value of the habits near watersheds is important to support the variety of organisms and ensure visitor awareness and support. Trail stewardship work days with FoSC address the hydrology issues and improve those habitats. With FoSC interns learned about the importance of leave no trace principles in high populated and scenic parks and how when visiting these undeveloped locations, remain on durable designated surfaces to avoid damaging waterways and the land. Land management of these parks ensure that vistors have a safe and enjoyable time.

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