Skyline Interns observe cloud conditions

Skyline Earth Team uses GLOBE Observer App for cloud observations

Interns at Skyline are practicing their research skills using the Globe Observer App to analyze cloud conditions their community.Earlier this month interns were introduced and trained on how to use the Globe Observer App.The observer app helps the students monitor the conditions of clouds in Oakland, California and see the changes over time. First, in their science log interns recorded cloud conditions based on the GLOBE cloud charts and their observations. They recorded cloud altitude, type, cover, opacity, sky color, visibility and the weather for that particular day.

Skyline Interns will continue to monitor the cloud conditions in Oakland over time to explore the relationship between cloud types and weather. During this activity interns are learning how the weather changes day to day, and how the clouds affect climate and weather and the physical geography of clouds. As interns observe the cloud coverage they are predicting what the weather will look like for the next few days and explain cloud phenomenons.This is a way to get Skyline interns familiar with using the observer app and recording cloud conditions to participate in GLOBE 2022 Cloud Challenge : Clouds Changing in Climate in January.

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