Skyline’s Research Project Results

Skyline High Earth Team has completed their research project on the impacts of pollution on soil health.

As previously discussed on this blog, Skyline High’s Earth Team has been busy this spring researching the impacts of litter on soil quality. The research involved collecting and testing soil and comparing the fertility and pH of the soil to the amount of litter in the area the soil was collected. Soil samples were collected from all around Oakland (and one site in San Leandro) and were tested in March and April. 

The sites around Oakland where the soil was collected.

The team spent time analyzing and graphing their data and has come to the conclusion that there was no correlation between the soil quality and litter in the area for the sites they tested. Many of the sites had very different conditions, from local parks to well-maintained gardens, and and the amount of litter in the area varied greatly. 

The team’s graph of soil quality by site.

This research was not for nothing, though, as it allowed the team practice in applying the scientific method. A big part of any research project is identifying shortcomings and possible sources of error, and the team got to see that first hand. 

The team will be presenting their research to professional scientists at the GLOBE Student Research Symposium tomorrow, May 1st. The team will present the research three times, so every member of the team will get the chance to present their research project. 

Great job, team!

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