Something Is In The Air? San Lorenzo High School

With the end of the year coming to a close, Earth Team is happy to announce to officially close the 2023-2024 programming year in the books! Let’s take a glance at all the hard work that the interns from San Lorenzo High School have done throughout the year.

Throughout the year, the interns from San Lorenzo High School were involved in many different projects. These projects include: litter mapping and collection, water quality testing, restoring and maintaining the monarch butterfly habitats, air quality research, and much more! In addition, students have also spent their time in nature and enjoying the environment the East Bay has to offer. These activities not only prepared interns for real-world scenarios and work experience, but it also gave the interns valuable knowledge of collaborating with large groups of individuals in their community!

The primary project San Lorenzo High School was apart of was the Youth For Clean Air funded by the Bay Area Air Quality District through the James Cary Smith grant. The focus of this project was to build community capacity in their local community and participation to reduce air pollution and decrease exposure-related health hazards. Interns targeted working with their community in San Leandro because of the air quality score received by the CalEnviroscreen tool was 80. This indicates that the city of San Leandro is identified as a marginalized community that is heavily affected by air pollution. Many interns live within San Leandro and their passion for change was sparked by their personal experiences dealing with bad air quality in their neighborhoods. Each intern was dedicated and determined to make a difference in the community and took on this challenge head on!

Throughout the year, interns dedicated their late afternoons after school, once a week for two hours to dismantle the issue of air pollution in their communities. The first step towards accomplishing this goal was informing themselves with air pollution and environmental justice topics pertaining to global and local communities. The next step was using this knowledge to hand out surveys on campus to measure transportation habits. Through that, interns were able to determine their campuses’ transportation habits and analyze to create a campaign!

During the second half of the year, interns developed presentations, brochures, and booklets to share with their community and peers. Displayed below is their hard work!

With these outreach materials, interns have printed and passed these brochures and booklets to their local community at the Bay Fair Farmers Market in San Leandro!

In March through May, Earth Team interns who were involved in this project across all campuses collected over 1000 surveys for Pre and Post data. With this data we were able to compare the differences the campaign has had on the campuses before and after outreach! The surprises were very surprising and also gratifying that their hard work has made a difference! Lastly interns used this data and included it in their public event outreach at the San Leandro Bay Fair Farmers Market.

Not only were the interns busy with creating brochures and pamphlets, interns were also involved in community workshops. Interns held an air pollution workshop on zoom going further into detail what air pollution is and how to combat that!

Thank you to the Bay Area Air Quality District’s support through the James Cary Smith Grant. Without the district, project’s like these wouldn’t be possible without them!

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