Student Blog: Returning to Earth Team

Returning to Earth Team for 2018-2019 is a journey that I am extremely excited to make again. Upon joining the internship I have created lifelong memories and taken advantages of opportunities that would have otherwise not been presented to me.

Being a part of Earth Team has given me a greater chance at acquiring job experience. I have been able to obtain greater public speaking and leadership skills while working with a community I am comfortable with and still being pushed past my comfort zones. Some personal goals that have arisen from being a part of Earth Team include that of pursuing my environmental science interests when it is soon time for me to take off for college. Being a part of Earth Team has helped me to figure out types of things I would like to study and the sorts of careers I would like to pursue in which I will build my life from. Earth Team is much more to me that an internship and a place to work, it is a way for me to contribute to my community and give back to the world in which we live in. I feel a lot more comfortable in the outdoors now, even more than I was before Earth Team. I feel like I can teach my nephew, my younger cousins, as well as the rest of my family to learn to be respectful of the environment and hopefully create a better future for themselves and future generations.

-Samantha, Earth Team intern at Antioch High School

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