Pinole Garden

That’s a Wrap for Pinole’s Fall Semester

Fall semester comes to a close for Pinole Valley High School interns.

To say the least, 2020 has been a challenge for everyone here at Earth Team. However, amidst the ups and downs this year has brought our students have proven to us once again how incredibly resilient, passionate, and dedicated they are to protecting the environment.

How Pinole interns describe Earth Team.

This semester, Pinole Valley High School interns showed up for their community and lent a hand at the Pinole Native Plant Garden. The garden is open to the public and, thanks to Pinole interns and our partners at Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed, will soon become a thriving redwood ecosystem for many to enjoy.

Pinole interns had the opportunity to meet in person in early November to prep the site and install 28 new California native plants at the garden. For many interns, this was their first time learning how to plant and maintain a garden.

I learned how to dig and “put my weight” into a shovel, which will come in handy when I plant in college!
Devin, Pinole Earth Team

The rest of our meetings this semester happened weekly over Zoom. Interns learned about a myriad of environmental topics including wildfires, ocean pollution, indigenous ecology, nature journaling, carbon footprints, and environmental racism.

Each month Earth Team staff hosted a virtual weekend event where interns across the entire Earth Team program were able to meet, hear from guest speakers, and participate in workshops. Earth Team interns learned about preparing for careers in Environmental Science, applying to college and financial aid, and developing STEM research projects.

We’re excited for what’s to come from the Pinole team in the new year!

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