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Tree Care at Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline

Skyline interns partnered with San Lorenzo Earth Team and East Bay Regional Parks District for two weekend work days at Oyster Bay during the month of December. 


The students took on a variety of activities and projects, and enjoyed making friends from other schools in the process.

Most of the restoration work completed by students was related to tree planting and tree care throughout the portion of shoreline dedicated for an in-progress disc golf course. Students placed protective tubes around the trunks of trees to insulate them from rodent damage.  They also used post pounders to place metal stakes around trees, and then caged them with sturdy wire to protect from potential impact from frisbees. Finally, the trees were mulched to help them hold water better and to prevent possible soil erosion.

On the second workday, once stakes and cages had been installed around several trees, interns worked with environmental artist Zach Pine to decorate the structures.  They first removed invasive species, like wild fennel and pampas grass, from nearby restoration sites. They then worked together to weave the organic matter into the wire in various patterns, turning the metal structure into something much more natural and less intrusive looking.  Students mentioned their work to park-goers, and even left some materials with the hope that community members would continue to work on the installations.

Apart from tree care, interns also planted various native plants outside the perimeter of the disc-golf course and in other protected restoration locations.  These plants will help provide habitat for monarch butterflies and other beneficial local species.

The teams enjoyed taking a look at their worksites from new artistic perspectives and had fun working with peers from nearby communities.

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