Waste Action Youth Conduct Litter Assessment in Richmond

This was only the second meeting for the Richmond High School (RHS) Earth Team interns and they are already hitting the ground running!

This was first meeting after the Coastal Cleanup Day, and they reflected on how much litter they collected. All interns communicated and were in consensus that more should be done regarding litter, and that 3rd meeting was their lucky day!

These intelligent interns got down to business and immediately took them only several minutes to learn how to use the Marine Debris Tracker App, an application developed in part by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to increase public engagement in citizen science.

It did not take long at all before Richmond’s waste action leaders took to their campus and conducted their first litter audit! They immediately knew where the hotspots might be – the sports complex, including the football field and stadium, cross country track, and the surrounding green area. Those pesky football players!


They split up in groups of 3-4 and within the hour and it was not long after that they needed more trash bags! No bush was unchecked; and indeed they searched every nook and cranny! ET interns Elly, Guadalupe, and Allison (left to right) conducted an in-depth assessment of a bamboo patch and found many items.


Teamwork was extremely prevalent during the assessment. Interns Bryant, Mariana, and Marisol worked together tirelessly and made it their mission to collect more litter than any other group!


All in all, interns appreciated the fact that they got to go outside and make a positive impact on their campus. They collected a total of 6 trash bags and over 900 pieces of litter! Great job to every waste action leader!


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