Antioch Earth Team is Back at the Upper Sand Creek Basin

October 16th marked the return of Antioch Earth Team interns to the Upper Sand Creek Basin. Interns used GLOBE Hydrosphere and Atmosphere protocols to define their study site and collect their first samples of water quality data.

For most interns, it was their first time ever visiting the Upper Sand Creek Basin. A biologist from Nomad Ecology met with interns to introduce them to the field site and help them identify the invasive species called “Stinkwort.” Interns will have the task of removing this invasive plant species from the Upper Sand Creek Basin this Fall. Many interns expressed that they were excited to finally be out in the field and look forward to the work we will be doing there.

Delaney, a returning intern, shared some thoughts on her visit to the Upper Sand Creek Basin:

“My first impression of the Upper Sand Creek Basin was, “wow this place is really hot!” The most interesting thing I saw there was a dead bird. We were able to identify a few weeds using an invasive species guide. I’m looking forward to more water testing because I think that’s fun. The basin is very dry right now, but full of life with lots of potential for improvement. One thing I hope to do this year at the Upper Sand Creek Basin is to clean more litter, but avoid getting 13 ticks on me again!”

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