“Whale-tastic”: Skyline Students Explore Monterey Bay

On Saturday, December 2, Earth Team Skyline interns travelled to Santa Cruz Harbor for a day of whale watching on Monterey Bay with Stagnaro Charters. It was an exciting day full of close wildlife encounters, perfect weather, and a few up-close encounters with whale breath. Students met naturalists Abby and Sydney, who taught them about whale behavior and biology, as well as their place in the ocean ecosystem. The trip was an immediate success, with boat captain Jason locating a group of lunge-feeding humpback whales shortly after leaving the harbor. For the remainder of the trip, the boat tracked these whales as they fed on schools of anchovies, coming across a raft of California Sea Lions, harbor porpoises, harbor seals, and dozens of species of sea birds along the way. During their feeding season, humpbacks consume more than one million calories of anchovies a day, which made for lots of action at the surface of the water. Read on for what our students had to say about the experience!

“10/10 recommend, really fun!” – Danae Zarbalis

“It was whale-tastic, I loved it” – Genevieve Achee

“That was cool!” – Oliver Hopkins

“That was extremely fun and very educational” – Michael Corbett

“Very nice, lots of whales” – Samuel Gumas

Special thanks to the Whale Tail Grants Program for making this event possible. Stay tuned for more adventures from our Skyline Interns this year!

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